English Summary

Environmental Foundation Michael Otto

We pave the way for environmental protection: As an incubator for innovative ideas, the Environmental Foundation Michael Otto, formerly known as the Michael Otto Foundation for Environmental Protection, is dedicated to advancing forward-looking perspectives in environmental protection and nature conservation as well as sustainable development.

The Environmental Foundation Michael Otto has been committed to environmental protection and nature conservation since 1993. It was established to protect and conserve water as a resource and pursues a clear goal: to preserve the natural basis of life as well as to preserve an environment and nature worth living in for future generations.

Over the past 25 years, the Environmental Foundation Michael Otto has significantly broadened its range of activities and changed from a purely funding to an operationally active foundation. As a driving force, the foundation is involved in its own projects in the areas of environmental protection, nature conservation and education in sustainable development. In addition, the foundation is engaged in socio-political discourse for improved basic conditions with regards to effective nature conservation and environmental protection. The foundation acts as a bridge builder and platform provider in this respect in order to find constructive solutions for people and nature together with movers and shakers from environmental protection, industry, politics and science.

Please note:
Funding for new major projects is currently not possible due to the foundation’s other activities. Only projects launched directly by the Environmental Foundation Michael Otto will be funded in exceptional cases.